Lines for business studies project class xii

Lines for business studies project class xii

But undue emphasis on high efficiency without being effective is also not desirable.A petrol pump needs to be managed as much as a hospital or a school.It integrates the efforts of different departments and different levels.However the membership to these associations is not essential for the managers therefore this criterion is partly fulfilled by the management.

Prepare a project for business studies on any one form of business.Top management consists of managers at the highest level in the management chain of command.

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The definitions given above highlight the following features of coordination.What are some topics for a class XII project on business environment.Ans. Some authors describe management as an art because management relates to practical application knowledge and skill as per the needs of a given situation.Ans. Management has been defined as a process of getting things done with the aim of achieving goals effectively and efficiently.Class 12th Business studies project on principles of management (C.B.S.E) - Duration: 6:54.This includes Board of Directors, Chief executive and the departmental heads.

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However, profit maximisation is not the sole objective of the management.This study material contains comprehensive lecture notes for.

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Cooperation in the absence of coordination may lead to wasted effort and coordination without cooperation may lead to dissatisfaction among employees.Profit provides a vital incentive for the continued successful operation of the enterprise.Get Business Studies project on Principle Of Management for class 12,CBSE.Get project on any any organisation of your choice.Other projects also available.By downloading this soft file book in the on-line link download,.Download and Read Ncert Solutions Class 12 Business Studies Ncert Solutions Class 12 Business.Efficiency means doing the task correctly and with minimum cost.These objectives might include competitive salary, personal growth and development, peer recognition and societal recognition.

CBSE Guidelines for Project Work in Business Studies for Class XII - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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Middle level management consist of departmental managers, branch managers like purchase managers, production managers, personnel manager, finance manager marketing manager etc.

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If by using less resources more benefits are derived then efficiency has increased.

Ans. A profession means an occupation for which specialized skills are required.

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As an art management calls for a combination of abilities, skills and judgment and a continuous practice of management concepts and principles.In order to survive, an organisation must earn enough revenues to cover costs.Get entire sequence on chalking out your Business Studies Projects.

Commonly managerial success is measured by the extent to which the objectives are achieved.Management Objectives can be classified into three major categories: Organisational, Social and Individual.Business studies project for class XII and XI is released by Vishvas.The Management principles are flexible and can be used in different situations with modification.

This is interlinked with both the management of work and the management of people.In a profession entry is restricted by examination or education.Download Business Studies Project of Class 12th Strictly according to the latest rules and regulations of CBSE for free. Read more.Mapping of commerce curriculum with project works.- authorSTREAM. by project work in Business Studies for class XI students and Accountancy for class XII.Visit FlexiPrep for more files and information on Subject-Wise-NCERT-Books.Social Studies: Class timeline-I totally. school auction class project.An organization can grow and expand only if it moves in the predetermined direction.On examination we find that while management has some of these features and it does not have others.But these skills are not meant for self-satisfaction but are used for the large interests of the society.

Every manager has to apply certain knowledge and skills while dealing with the people to achieve the desired results.Direct lines of communication should be available between the subordinate.There will be Project Work of 20 marks in both the classes XI and XII w.e.f. the academic session 2013-2014.