Kubota L 185 235 245 275 285 295 305 345 355 Service Manual

Kubota L 185 235 245 275 285 295 305 345 355 Service Manual

Taking this precaution ensuresthat the system does not erroneously mark the drives as failed when the server is poweredup.4.5.6.Power down all peripheral devices that are attached to the server.Unplug the ac power cord from the outlet and then from the server.Disconnect all peripheral devices from the server.If the time threshold is reached, the server automatically shuts down to prevent anovertemperature condition.For more information,see Chapter 5 (page 139).Controls, Ports, and LEDsThis section provides a basic description of the controls, ports, and LEDs found on the frontpanel and rear panel of the HP Integrity rx3600.The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the expresswarranty statements accompanying such products and services.Rules for creating IM volumes and hot spare disks.107CFGGEN Commands.107Smart Array P400, P600 and P800 Controllers.109Quick Installation Procedure.Applying Standby Power to the ServerTo apply standby power to the server, follow these steps:IMPORTANT:1.1.2.If the server has one BPS, plug the power cable into the receptacle labeled PWRLocate the appropriate receptacle on the rear of the chassis.If the SAS controller is allowed to resync the disk drives, thedata on the primary disk drive is available by accessing the newly created volume.Using the AUTO CommandThe AUTO command automatically creates an IM volume on the SAS controllers.CAUTION: Intel Montvale processors cannot be intermixed with similar Montecito processors.Processor speed and cache size must be identical for all processors in a system.

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Do not remove the cards in these slots without firstpowering off the server and unplugging the power cords.See the help shutdown Windows command for details.To shutdown Windows from the command line, follow these steps:1.Removing and Replacing the Front BezelThe front bezel provides server control and port access, and LED interfaces.MavisTire.com is the tire site for both mail order and tire installation at our locations.Virtually all analog monitors and the majority of LCD monitors arecapable of this.Figure 6-36 Interconnect Board Removal and ReplacementInterconnect Board HandleConnector to Display BoardConnector to SAS Backplane BoardConnector toMidplane BoardReplacing the Interconnect BoardTo replace the interconnect board, follow these steps:CAUTION: Handle the interconnect board carefully, or you can damage the plastic insulatormaterial on the back of the board.To access SAS Topology, press Enter on SAS Topology from the AdaptorProperties screen.You can remotelyactivate this button usingvarious system utilities.

The example below shows the command to update all controllers for which the firmware imagefile applies.This results in up to eightphysical threads, or the equivalent of 8 logical CPUs, when two processor modules are installedand enabled in rx3600 servers.After several seconds, theConfiguration Saved screen displays.Press Enter to continue.Example 6-1 Enabling the TPM1.2.3.4.Access the EFI Shell.Enter info sec to display the server security settings on the screen.On the Web and on the Instant Information CD, itmay be a hot link to the manpage itself.The 24-DIMM memory carrier cancontain up to six quads of memory.For moreinformation see the setboot(1M) manpage.To add an HP-UX item to the boot options list from the EFI Shell, follow these steps:1.Access the EFI Shell environment.a. Log in to the iLO 2 MP and enter the CO command to access the system console.b. Confirm that you are at the EFI Boot Manager menu (the main EFI menu).It also providessystem administrators secure remote management capabilities regardless of server status orlocation.


Figure 6-1 DVD Drive Removal and Replacement1DVD ReleaseHoleFront Chassis ViewReplacing the DVD DriveTo replace a DVD drive, follow these steps:1.2.Insert the DVD drive, and push it straight into the drive bay until it clicks into place(Figure 6-11).Reconnect the power cables and power on the server.Review the terminal emulation program documentation to verifywhich input keys are supported.Additionally, there is a set of slotavailability LEDs positioned in the middle of the disk drive bays on the front of the chassis.The processor must clear thecage closure for proper installation. the appropriate processor slot (Module 0 or Module 1) to install the processor into(Figure 3-13).Whetherupgrading, replacing or adding an additional processor, to ensure compatibility use processorswith identical part numbers.Failure to observe this caution results in performance degradation or system failure.Table B-6 lists the processor upgrades that are supported, and required system firmware levelsfor each server.

Table 5-1 Diagnostics Panel LED States1LED ColorFlash RateDefinitionOffOffCRU health is assumed good.AmberSteadyCRU health last known to be bad.Customer Replaceable Unit Health LEDsIn addition to the front panel diagnostic LEDs, CRUs provide additional diagnostic LEDs.The new PCI 33 MHz card does not initialize and the slot powers downbecause you cannot change bus speed during hot-plug operations.For cooling purposes, always place diskdrive fillers in slots that do not contain a disk drive.3.4.Insert the hot-pluggable disk drive into the slot guides, and slide the drive into the slot untilit seats into the socket on the disk backplane.Close the drive ejector handle by pushing it inward until it clicks into place.

Components for controllerfirmware updates are available in offline and online formats2.Figure 1-6 is a block diagram of the power subsystem, including voltage labels foreach main server subsystem that requires power.NOTE:The number in parenthesis indicates the order in which the quads are loaded.The primary console deviceused by any OS can be set in the EFI interfaces.NOTE: To avoid damage to the memory carrier extraction handles, HP recommendsrotating the handles inward and snapping them into the locked position when servicing thesystem DIMMs or any time the carrier is out of the chassis.

POST runs, and any array controllers that are in the server are initializedone at a time.Checkthe system firmware version by executing the info fw command at the EFI Shell prompt.NOTE:HP recommends using the latest version of firmware.Go to to download firmware updates.Operating systemsIMPORTANT: Check the HP IT Resource Center (ITRC) web site at forany required OS patches.

See more like this Brand New Kubota Tractor Assembly pump for 1997 Kubota 35 L.The supported configuration of the server requires a minimum of onepower supply.Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help.When the top cover is replaced at the end of the operation,the chassis fans return to normal speed.Removing the Memory Carrier Assembly CoverTo remove the memory carrier assembly cover, follow these steps:1.If rack installed, slide the server out from the rack until it stops.Verify that all cables are routed correctly and are not restricting or being pinched by othercomponents.The file path for the firmware version you want to install on the SmartArray Controller.If the cable that you need is not listed here, or if you need additional orderinginformation, see the HP website at.You can also select remote boot (LAN) options that have been configured on thenetwork.To restore the default BootNext setting, select Reset BootNext Setting.For example:Manage BootNext setting.

The log displays console history from the oldestevent to the newest event.Enter sl to display the status logs.Hot-Pluggable ComponentsA component is defined as hot-pluggable if you can remove it from the chassis while the serverremains operational.Check that all console connectors are fullyengaged.Check that all iLO 2 MP board connectors are fully engaged.

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Table of ContentsAbout This Document.21Intended Audience.21New and Changed Information in This Edition.21Publishing History.Installing the HP Smart Array P800On HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 servers, the HP Smart Array P800 is supported by Windowsand Linux operating systems.To access the screens, press Enter on theappropriate field from the Device Properties screen.